Tip 1: To prep for the Reading Test on the SAT, make it a point to read more non-fiction outside the classroom, you could read the articles from the newspaper, magazines like the Economist will also provide passage similar to those found on the Reading Test of the SAT. While reading, do so actively asking yourself what the author’s primary purpose is and what is the tone he uses. This will help you with the passages on the Reading Tests and help boost your score on the Reading Test of the New SAT.

Tip 2: To improve your score on the Langauge and Writing Tests of the SAT start by learning all your grammar rules. Often in daily usage, we violate many grammar rules. The revised SAT tests the grammar rules especially punctuation in a lot more detail. The good news- this can easily be learnt with some effort, thus easily improving your score on the Writing and Language Test

Tip 3: For the Math section on the SAT, it is worth reviewing your mental math techniques which will come handy for the non-calculator section of the New SAT. Learn basic Math short-cuts, Eg: squareroots, roots, pythagoras triplets to save time and effort and increase your score on the Math section of the SAT

Tip 4: Practice, Practice, Practice! Not only is it important to do lots of practice to improve your score on the SAT it is also important to practice full length tests. Most students practice individual sections and do very few full length tests, to boost your score practice at least 8-10 full length tests before the actual SAT. This itself will help you boost your score by at least 40- 80 points. In addtion please time yourself strictly, the SAT is strictly timed and that time affects the strategy you will use for each questions. To improve your SAT score time all your practice

Tip 5: Make a study plan to ensure you have adequate time to learn and practice for the SAT. Enrolling in a focused test prep course like that offered by The In-Home Tutor which is customized to your needs is a great way to get a guaranteed score that you need to get into a college of your dreams!