10 Homework Tips That Will Improve Your Grades


Your homework habits might be affecting your grades. Are you staying on track with your assignments? Feeling tired, achy, or bored when it comes to homework time? Are you arguing with parents about your grades? 1. USE A PLANNER Did you know that poor organization skills can reduce your final scores by a whole letter grade? That's why you should learn to use a day planner the right way. Who can afford to score a big fat "0" on a paper, just because we got lazy and didn't pay attention to the due date? Nobody wants to get an "F" because [...]

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Why Is Summer Learning Loss Such A Big Problem


SUMMER LEARNING LOSS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM Our children are sponges full of information and summer does a really great job of wringing them out and pouring all of that information they soaked up down the drain! In the fall, they come to school rested, sun-tanned and…well…clueless! Getting back all of that lost information that they learned the previous year is a struggle. TAKE A LOOK AT THESE STATISTICS: The average child loses about two full years’ worth of information by the time he/she graduates from high school…if she’s not involved in academic summer camps and summer programs for kids. Summer [...]

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How To Improve In Reading & Writing


How can you learn to read and write better? More to the point here: How can you learn to read and write better by reading web pages such as these? First of all: Reading is primary. One can write only as well as one reads. Consider: Not all readers are writers. Many people read newspapers and novels and never write an original word themselves. They can decipher words and sentences on the page, but do not have a sufficient grasp of spelling and grammar to construct their own sentences. But all writers must be readers! You cannot write without reading as [...]

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Essential Study Keys


If you have a son or daughter entering middle or high school this coming fall, you may be feeling apprehensive about the increased workload, the increasing difficulty of the curriculum, and the impending expectation that your student will be able to apply proper study habits. Being able to take good notes, engage in active reading, develop study and memorization techniques, and prepare adequately for upcoming tests and quizzes are all essential skills that students need in order to do well in school. And even though good study habits and proper study and organizational skills are crucial for student success, these important [...]

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5 Tips That Will Impact Grades This Semester


Whether school comes easy to your child or not, whether he's a straight C student or she's been on the honor roll her entire life, all kids can benefit from proper study habits. Here are 5 easy tips to help improve your child's grades this semester It is never too early or too late to start! Start with the homework that is hardest for your student. If you start with the hardest subject, your brain will be fresh. Develop effective memorization techniques. You can use lists when having to memorize several things e.g. (formulae). Flash cards are good for memorizing large [...]

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Top 10 Study Skills Tips For All Students


1. TURN OFF THE TV SET Make a house rule, depending on the location of the set, that when it is study time, it is "No TV" time. A television set that is on will draw youngsters like bees to honey. What about the radio? Should it be on or off? Contrary to what many specialists say, some youngsters do seem to function well with the radio turned on to a favorite music station. (Depending on the layout of your house or apartment, maybe an investment in earphones would be worthy of consideration.) 2. DESIGNATE SPECIFIC AREAS FOR HOMEWORK AND STUDYING [...]

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Red Flags To Academic Struggles


As a parent it is important to recognize, in a timely manner, signs that indicate your child is struggling academically. A first step is to communicate with your child’s school. Your child may also need additional reinforcement to help get back on track. 1. CHANGE IN GRADES & COMMUNICATIONS FROM SCHOOL: Most obvious is a change in subjects in which your child usually likes and does well in. By the time this Red Flag is revealed via the progress report or report card, the struggles have been on-going. An early indicator of developing struggles could be an increase in notes and [...]

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Reducing Stress Is A Great Way To Increase Grades


School is stressful especially in light of a world-wide pandemic that caused at the very least disruption in schooling. Now students are expected to excel in each subject while keeping up with extracurricular activities while being poorly prepared from the past year. According to a special report by EducationWeek, “Since the pandemic began, children and adolescents have had higher rates of anxiety, depression, and stress, and even more specific issues such as addictive internet behaviors.” Stress adversely affects learning in many different ways. Here are some troubling relationships between stress and learning: Bad Memory, Understanding, and Performance A study published in Nature [...]

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Setting Challenging But Realistic Expectations For Your Children’s Learning


Parenting isn’t easy. Everyone has an opinion on how you should raise your child, from family members to friends and colleagues, and even strangers. But most parents agree that they want their children to do well in school, and to hopefully develop a love for learning – whether it’s an academic subject, a language, or even a musical instrument. Setting high expectations for your children’s learning is an important part of raising life-long learners. For many, this involves figuring out a balance between school work, homework, and after school activities or extracurricular activities. RAISING HAPPY, BALANCED CHILDREN Even if it is [...]

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Goal Setting For Elementary School Kids


This is the perfect time of the year for teaching your children about goal setting! From academic (think: finishing homework on-time and accurate) to athletic (think: making the travel team) to extracurricular (think: practicing your instrument for 30 minutes a day), teaching your kids to set goals at an early age gives them a tool set they can use for the rest of their lives! Here are 5 helpful strategies to help your child set SMART goals this year. SMART is traditionally a mnemonic device which represents criteria for a set of objectives or goals – the letters usually correspond to [...]

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